Our Top 10 Best VPNs December 2019

  • Secure, private & encrypted internet browsing
  • Access your favorite websites & apps worldwide
  • Super fast speeds perfect for seamless streaming
  • Safely connect to free public WiFi networks
  • Bypass Restrictive Networks & Censorship
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1. NordVPN

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Major Update 2019

NordVPN is raising its security standards by introducing new measures to keep you safer online:

  1. A new bug bounty program has been introduced to encourage ethical hackers to catch security vulnerabilities in return for payment. This will allow NordVPN to find and fix any issues quickly and reduce security risks.
  2. Partnering with a leading US cybersecurity consulting firm to assess, test, and analyze the effectiveness of current systems.
  3. Building a network of collocated servers that are wholly owned by NordVPN to ensure full control over security.
  4. The company will be subjecting itself to a full-scale independent audit in 2020.
  5. Plans to upgrade all 5300+
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    See plans and pricing www.nordvpn.com
Price Range: $3.49 - $11.95
Setup Time: 4 minutes
Money Back: 30 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 6 devices
VPN Plans: www.nordvpn.com

2. ExpressVPN

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Major Updates
– ExpressVPN now supports 5 devices at the same time
– Deep-dived into newly-launched TrustedServer technology. Verdict: It significantly improves user data security.
– Tested new Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Verdict: Mild improvements.

ExpressVPN is by far one of the best VPNs I’ve ever used, but it does have a more premium price tag compared to other VPNs. The first thing I thought was: Why should I pay almost twice as much for this VPN?

I tried to tackle any claims ExpressVPN made about being the fastest VPN or having a bulletproof no-logs policy. I must say that whilst many of you can get a great deal with one of the cheaper VPNs out there, if you

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See plans and pricing www.expressvpn.com
Price Range: $6.67 - $12.95
Setup Time: 5 minutes
Money Back: 30 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 5 devices
VPN Plans: www.expressvpn.com

3. CyberGhost VPN

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Don’t get a subscription to CyberGhost if you’re going to China! The VPN has had issues getting past the Great Firewall of China in recent months. 

If you are looking for a VPN that will work in China you should check our review of ExpressVPN.

However, if you want to increase your online privacy and stay away from the government’s spying eyes, CyberGhost VPN may be just what you need. Based in Romania, the VPN is out of the 14 Eyes countries that share signals intelligence.

In fact, CyberGhost VPN doesn’t keep any logs of your activity. As long as you connect to a CyberGhost server, no one can track your past searches online.

What Else Makes This VPN One of the Best?


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See plans and pricing www.cyberghostvpn.com
Price Range: $2.75 - $11.99
Setup Time: 5 minutes
Money Back: 45 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 7 devices

4. Surfshark

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If you found a VPN that advertised tons of premium features, while costing only a fraction of what many other major VPNs charge, would you be a little suspicious? I certainly was.

Surfshark claims to maintain great speeds, be incredibly secure, unblock Netflix, and offer 24/7 support. A budget VPN that offers as much as Surfshark does seems a little fishy. So I signed up to this VPN and tested it against other popular VPNs to see if it really delivers.

I was surprised to see that Surfshark really does live up to its claims of being a consistent and reliable service, both in terms of security and performance. It was great for streaming, torrenting, and gaming, which makes it superbly val

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See plans and pricing surfshark.com
Price Range: $1.77 - $11.95
Setup Time: 6 minutes
Money Back: 30 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 0 devices
VPN Plans: surfshark.com

5. PrivateVPN

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If you’re in a hurry, here’s the bottom line — You can get more servers globally, better VPN features, and 24/7 customer support with Surfshark for the same price or less. So why bother reading on?!

Don’t get PrivateVPN if you’re planning on using it to stream US Netflix, because they have trouble bypassing the geoblock. If you need a Netflix VPN we recommend NordVPN.

Hailing from Sweden, PrivateVPN is a product in a country known to value one’s privacy. But does it live up to its name?

The answer is yes. Thanks to a legitimate, strict no-logs policy and 2048-bit encryption, PrivateVPN does a splendid job in keeping you safe from the lurking threats on your network. Top-shelf feature

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See plans and pricing www.privatevpn.com
Price Range: $1.89 - $7.12
Setup Time: 10 minutes
Money Back: 30 days
Mobile app:
Devices/license: 6 devices
VPN Plans: www.PrivateVPN.com

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